Six months ago I started a new job at RevenueWire.  A new employer and a new chance to get my hands dirty (if you cansay that while working for a company that does all of its work at a computer keyboard.  After working at the university and spending a lot of time up to my elbows in legal work I was ready for something that provided a little more opportunity to own a project and carry it through to completion.  So it's time for a reflection.  Six months in to working for an affiliate network specializing in downloadable security products and what do I have to show for it.

Well, there has been a lot of learning going on.  I can say that.  Despite being a technical person, learning about affiliate marketing has been a consuming task.  And being as it is a changing beast I'll certainly be learning about it for the next six months as well.  It really has occurred to me that being an affiliate marketer means being someone who understands both the techniques of marketing and also the technical aspects of the being an online publisher as well.

One of the projects which I have been most involved in is working on a site that draws together Freelance Writers and people seeking well-written unique and unindexed content for their websites.  The site has a great community around it, they seem to be keen on the changes that we're bringing to the site.  We're starting to build momentum and I think it's on its way to becoming THE place to purchase articles online :-D

All in all it's been great to be able to get into something new and even though climbing through yet another learning curve isn't the easiest thing, I'm pleased to be on this path. For now...