I finally got around to something that has been bugging me for ages. I have a closet computer, on that just sits there running and serving up webpages or whatever else I need. For ages now I've been tweaking my own host files here and there and everywhere to try and get things working smoothly. Finally, I took the five minutes to setup my dd-wrt router to serve up the dns for these sites.

I followed the instructions to setup DNSMasq to do the work. Which while I know very little about DNSMasq was

Why oh why did I wait so long! Suddenly, every device inside the house can be reverted back to the default host settings, and those ones I never got around to changing... they work now too.

PS I love dd-wrt, so far the only features I'm using are the running two separate wireless access points, so I can provide some free internet to the renters and now this. But even these two small things are amazing. Anyone else done anything awesome with dd-wrt that I should probably be doing?