Adios amigos and amigas!

Thanks for writing me back to those that did! Well, I got the water sickness. Jeff and I went on a wicked all day tour yesterday into the mountains and jungle areas of the northern Dominican. We swam at an untouched beach, rode horses on the sand, ate a delicious lunch (Jeff's favourite part) and met a few folks from Canada. After we did a little boogie boarding I took a big swig from my nalgene bottle which was half day old water half new water. A couple hours after lunch I started to really feel nautious. The truck ride back was about an hour and a half on a bumpy road and then a exhaust filled road. (There's loads of little two-stroke engine scooters around) Anyway, the long and the short of it was that I almost threw up on the way home but thank the Lord I made it back the room. Jeff's been a wonderful help to me. I spent from 5 to 9pm losing it from both ends and then had a decent sleep. Feeling weak today but MUCH better than yesterday.

Jeff really got some good windsurfing in today. He was on the board more than he was in the water from what I could see. Woohoo!!! At least one of us got to do a little gliding on water.