The 4th floor of an apartment building is not a great place to be a gardener, but that's where I live, so what am I to do! Try anyways!

Here's the plan, 2 hanging baskets - The herb basket, thyme, parsley and chives (I didn't have good luck with chives last year... but I'll try again!)

  • The strawberry basket. Apparently you can get alpine strawberries which do really well in baskets. I hope for an abundant crop

The short term investments A pot for lettuce or mesculun mix A pot for squash A pot for rhubarb (I never would have thought this would work, but apparently you just have to keep it well watered)

Those plants I've already started Pots for tiny tim tomatos Pots for kale Pots for broccoli Pots for the green peppers

The long term investment A dwarf plum tree in a pot (big pot)

So that's the plan for this years 4th floor garden, now to try it out!

Photo by cjohnson7 from Flickr