Once upon a time my Dad was a salmon fisherman, his bought did a whooping 6-8 knots depending on the tide, wind, current ... That is slow. Really slow, it takes long 4 hours to get from Comox to Campbell River going that speed, which is a 45 minute drive along a windy BC highway. I made that trip and many others with him in that boat! They were great trips, going that slow you really see tons of stuff. Dolphins play in the wake, you can watch Jelly fish pass by the window. Interesting junk is floating about in the water and can be looked at and examined.

Since then, when the opportunity presents itself, I generally try and go the slower way, partially I reckon I am just trying to be different, and partially I reckon I am trying to get back to those great experiences on the boat, where the only way was slow, and there was lots in the window