Well... was a hot fairly uneventful day. I went and fell asleep in front of the King's house, the flag was up, which indicates he was home. I wonder if he saw me out there? Luckily I didn't manage to get a sun burn which seems like it wouldbe very easy to do with so much sunshine!

Then I went wandering and tried to find something real local to do. So I went and had a pizza at this out of the way pizza joint, just past St. Olav's church. It was great, I watched Portugal play England, (Portugal winning in a shootout, while an Indian fellow was making pizzas in the back.

I didn't realize that the France vs Brazil game was on directly after that, so I just went home. After hearing chanting outside my window for a little while, I finally put it together, there was a nother game! When I realized this, I thought, "Oh man... I should get down to the central park where they have the big screen" Apparently many people in Oslo had the same idea and security wasn't letting any more people in to see the game. RATS! So I just stood in line outside the gates... You could still see the game okay from there. When the game was over I went to the main walking section of downtown, Karl Johan's gate and just walked about with the crowds. It's midnight and the streets are still teaming! Actually I think it is busier then midday!