I like nearly everyone on the planet have a bit of an issue with procrastination. If something can be done now, but it could also be done later, why not later? While there are a good many articles on how bad for you procrastination is for you I am not going to choose to dwell on it here. Instead I'll refer you to my betters here and here. Instead I would like to dwell on this...

Flock Password Confirmation

The trouble with this confirmation is all the thoughts that go through my head everytime I see it. The obvious "Do I want to have my password remembered here?" "How sensitive is this password?" "How public is this computer?"

The more obscure "Do I want to have to remember this password?" "If I say yes, I will lose that reminder of what this password is and may forget it! Then what will I do?"

And rather than making any decision after all those thoughts, I just click "Not Now" and walk away feeling defeated, that once again I couldn't make this decision. If there is a one-password-to-rule-them-all solution that is reasonably secure that would be nice, but it seems like a pretty difficult problem.

Oh yeah, and I would like to make one more button on that confirmation dialog box. It's the "if I get my password right, then remember it" button.

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