Some people consider me to be handy around the home. It's quite a compliment. In an effort to help other be handy, I thought it would be a good idea to share my secrets for home handyman success.

  • 5 tools from downstairs, all retrieved one at a time
  • 1 trip to Canadian tire to get what I need
  • 1 new tool (price >= $20)
  • 14 parts I thought I would need
  • 2 hours futzing around understanding the issue
  • 2 minutes calculating whether it actually would be cheaper to call a professional.
  • 1 trip to Canadian tire to get what I actually need
  • 1 idea to rip it all out and "do it properly" -- tried and abandoned
  • 1 other job done as a procrastination tactic
  • 2 parts that I really did need, usually one of which is improvised from junk I have around home (see I was keeping that for a reason!)
  • 15 minutes actually fixing the problem

And yes, Joanna, the sink is now fixed. :)