Canadian Association of Management Consultants For the uninitiated CMC BC = Canadian Management Consultants of BC! CMC BC held their first conference in Richmond at the River Rock Casino two weeks ago. Through Terry Rawchalski I had the opportunity to present on what I feel were the salient points in creating a valuable and rock solid web presence.

You can see my slides below

I tried focus not on the technical parts but on the aspects of that are readily accessible to anyone aiming to develop an effective educational tool/lead generator/etc. that is invincible to search engine algorithm changes (isn't that the definition of the stormy sea for a website). For your enlightenment, the 30 second version of what I said 40 minutes to say at the conference is this:

The search engines are getting smarter, closer and closer to being as smart at knowing what we want as we are ourselves (a bit creepy) so let's focus on creating the creating the really awesome, compelling, interesting and helpful stuff that would like to find on the Internet. Put this kind of content onto your site and the search engines are going to reward you with strong search rankings. Because... We the collective people who use the Internet, love great information and tools. I did also touch on how to give the search engines signals that you've got some great stuff, via keyword planning/alignment, linking, more linking and patience. But those details, while very helpful and important are never going to make up for a lack of great content. Show me a site that ranks without content and I'll show you a short lived win. Show me a site that has great content, and I'll show you a great opportunity.

I really appreciated the audience participation, it's a pleasure to present where people are involved in taking in what is being said and dishing out meaningful questions.

As is becoming usual, there turned out to be far too many slides and the last portion of my talked had similarities to an inkblot test. I flash a slide on the screen and say one sentence that describes what feels like the most important aspect of that slide. An exercise in brevity.

Thanks to Terry and Chris Burdge for their parts in what turned out to be a great and well-rounded introduction to creating an effective web presence.