This weekend past I had the good opportunity to race in the Power To Play Corporate Challenge, which was a lot of fun! We had a great team and managed to play our way to coming in third out of 35 teams. (So close to second...)

Our team name is the RevenueWire Warriors, and previous to the event the marketing team at work put together a warrior profile for each of us. This year we dressed in the style of Braveheart, kilts and blue face paint. We came second in the best costume category to the viking team. Although the viking team had a viking entourage, they didn't wear their costumes through the course like we did... see picture below!

The race is in support of the Power To Be.

William took an awesome set of pictures, to record the event. Check out the pictures at


Not to mention they gave the competitors a pretty sweet hat that I'll have to spend some time sporting. This race was so much fun, when it finished I just felt like I wanted to run it again. That said, now, two days later, I'm thinking its probably a good idea I didn't, otherwise I don't think I'd be able to move my legs...