I don't normally even have TV, but since we moved into the new house, we've got a free tv AND free cable (Thanks Shaw for leaving that on) and the timing couldn't be better.  As far as I'm concerned Olympics make for great TV.  All the great emotions are there joy (two golds already), suspense (silver in Men's bordercross), buffoonery (sorry men's figure skating, I just can't take the outfits seriously..  I have no doubt that you are awesome athletes, but the outfits. ai ya ai) and many others.

So, the channel has been pretty much locked on channel 9 (CTV in Victoria) while I'm at home, luckily I'm working otherwise this would really be a time of irony sittingm getting out of shape, doing an overly common activity,  as I watch people who are in great shape doing amazingly strenuous and astounding activities.  Good thing it only lasts for a couple weeks.  I still have plenty of work to do around the house that is currently being delayed.