Well, after a days work it is nice to see your team win, but... unfortunately it was not to be this time! RatZ! The Oilers were flat and the Hurricanes were not, so tragically "Le Cup Stanley" will remain on American soil.

In other news, I got the church calendar working a little better. It now fits into the iframe that I am using for it.

And I got my directory page working a lot better! Its really amazing what you can do with a few other peoples code and a few minutes spent on modifying it for what you want. I think the next step is just to keep on filling in the phone numbers and maybe adding mobile numbers.

What else is on the chopping block... The shared expenses website is still just in the idea stage, it would be so handy, we gotta get that thing working. And ... Making the phpicalendar thing into a module for cmsmadesimple is still something that I would like to do. Anything else... the Bike Car! Yea, bike car! Looks like a fun project. Matt seems pretty keen on the bike car. I think if the truth be told he really enjoys working with his hands.

Oh yeah and I also thought it might be cool to do a rip off of Staying Alive by the Bee Gees with a peace loving overtone! I'll have to sit down with the words and tune some time and see what I come up with!