Whoppee!! I got a new printer. After filling the inkjet tanks for one to many times at a constant $10-14 dollars a pop per color, I just couldn't do it anymore. And since all four tanks were empty I figured the first $40-50 bucks was going to be spent anyways.

I settled on the HP LaserJet Professional P 1102w, a monochrome laser printer with wireless. After have a scanner for so long it was kind of hard to imagine not having one, but given that this purchase was destined to be on the thirfty side of the scale I really couldn't justify a scanner, when in almost every circumstance I can do what I need to with a camera phone.

I bought it at Staples in town, because the price was decent ($80, $96 after taxes and fees) and I suffer from got-to-have-it-today syndrome.

So all installed now, and I'm really happy with it. Printing wirelessly is awesome, we did have this previously via our usb enabled router, but it never really worked under windows, but this appears to be working for both windows and linux.

Now it's time for the time trial, lets see how the beast stands up to a few months of service.

As a side note, after declining the instore service warranty, my receipt was stamped in RED ink that I declined. Boy, the stores sure want to reinforce that you just made the wrong decision. Feel like I just failed a spelling test :)