So a few months ago now, I finally deocmmissioned my home server which was a big beast of desktop. And the house has been silent at night ever since. That felt good I was mostly just using it for serving a few websites anyways. Nothing to serious. But I do still have a few uses for a home server so I'm looking at getting some kind of low power always-on machine. I may need two machines. Let the discovery process begin!

Current Requirements. - Serve hledger - requires network, linux distribution install - git annex bare repo (or maybe just a NAS would be all I need) - network, linux, external storage - play music - hdmi or audio out. - play netflix - network, hdmi out, this basically requires android or ubuntu with wine

So the last two items require the machine to physically sit close to the TV. Which means wireless as the router and all that is at the other end of the house.

My other idea is to try and get my router to run the NAS and a web server, since the web serving is going to be VERY minimal.

So after a bunch of research, that I have now not documented at all. It looks like I can/should get the NAS connected up to my router. Then to play music and all the other stuff. In the end I'm deciding to make better use of my existing stuff.

Phone can do the hledger stuff in a debian chroot.

Router can do the NAS

Phone can do music and video and netflix. Once I figure out how to get hdmi mirroring working on it.