Hear ye, Hear ye, as of Friday July 7th 2006, Joanna and Jeff are promised to be married to one another!! We hope to talk to you all soon and can't wait to share our joy with you.

It all started with an innocent plan for a night of camping out on the Juan de Fuca trail. I spent the morning pacing around the houswe waiting for the ring to arrive (It was mailed to me from the Jeweller, Hovan's Sister - Natasha). After the ring arrived approximately 45 minutes before we were slated to leave I started to relax a little.

Then the walk, 9km out to Bear Beach, normally its a long walk, but when you are trying to think of what you're going to say when you propose, well... it gets even a little longer. It was a beautiful walk and we arrived at the campsite probably around 7:30 pm. We set up the tent and got the food out for dinner. We walked down the beach a little ways and sat on the driftwood looking over the Olympic penninsula sun going down over the ocean.

And, well... I think I'll just leave the rest of the details to your imagination.

Looking forward to the big party!! Jeff and Joanna