I'm all over the map on the whole RSS news feeds phenomena. So much news right at your finger tips. And yet, it feels incredibly distracting and daunting. Plus I'm not really interested in most of it. So, I've just finished one week of zero news feeds and it was pretty good. As a matter of fact I didn't really miss it all that much, but surely total elimination of RSS feeds isn't the only way to avoid feeling like I'm constantly missing something. The entry 43folders.com

So, I'm trying out a new technique, the google reader folders approach first shown to me on 43folders.com in Organizing my feeds by their importance to me.

So my folders are Freestuff - the place where I watch for free things offered locally that I might want Can't Miss - Blogs of my friends News - The News Not News - Blogs that I read for general interest Trivial - Blogs I should probably not be wasting my time on.