Well, Oslo was looking REAL west coast BCish today, cloudy, rainy, fairly mild, umbrellas everywhere, and me without my Helly Hansen, it seems ironic (isn't Helly Hansen Scandanavian?)

The day went fairly well, a few issues came up, one of which is solved now, maybe one or two more before tomorrow, issues alright when it rains I guess. I went for a two hour walk yesterday anyways, so staying inside today didn't seem like that big of a deal, supposed to get better weather wise before the weekend.

Hmm... what else... I can say that I feel lucky to be a native English speaker rather then a native French speaker or German... most people here know some English, that is a big help. I still feel pretty sheepish about not knowing even enough Norwegian to say please and thank you but... I'm sure by the end of the week I'll get that down.

Boring entry, hmm... here's an interesting story. Lorenzo and I had to fill up the car with Gas, no biggie, except that Lorenzo informs me that in Italy what a Canadian calls Gas, an Italian calls Benzena and what a Canadian calls Diesel, an Italian calles either gasoline or diesel, interchangeable. Needless to say when we stopped into the fuel station and saw choices of Bryfli or diesel, we weren't real sure what we wanted. So out I get to ask the attendent, who isn't real sure what we need either, and asks for the car manual, after going and getting the car manual, she says... "Well it doesn't exactly say.." She says "...but its a gasoline car, right?" Well at this point I have no idea what anybody means when they say gasoline, paralyzed by not quite enough information, I resort to the only thing that I know will solve the problem. I say we need fuel that makes the car go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" not the fuel that make the car go "Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum"

Right, what a Canadian calls gasoline, A Norwegian calls Bryfli 95, and an Italian calls benzena. Great, now that we have that straight...