RCA to 1/8" Stereo Cable by Mac Users GuideEntertainment is a double edged sword that I think about from time to time. Whether its reading a book or watching TV, I spend an awful lot of time putting other people thoughts and work into my vision and into my mind. Often I don't ever take the time to make a response to what I've seen or heard. And I can't help but wonder if that cheapens the experience. Is there something truly human about responding. If it's true that watching TV puts peoples brains at a lower state of activity then sleeping is that something that we as a people should really be striving for?

It's so easy to make life about consumption and inputs. But what are we putting out? What are we adding to the world or our society?

Certainly, there is a time for enjoying those things that others have worked hard to create! That's art! And art is made to be shared and enjoyed. But I have found that concerts are better when I'm able to stir the courage to be a dancing and plays are best when I am able to shake hands with the players or clap loudly to encourage them. There is a big part of me that wonders if when there is a lack of ability to have that kind of feedback if there is something missing. I recognize that reading a book is a passive consumption and I wonder if the reason that schooling forced us through book reviews was to help us engage the work. At the end of the day I think that's what is at stake here, engagement. Where input/entertainment is taken without engagement I feel like there's something amiss. Input deserves output. Even if its just a status update, sharing something with a friend over a beer or a full blown blog post.