So I'm in the process of selling a bunch of stereo equipment. In the hopes of getting some new gear. And at present my mind is bent towards getting a soundbar.


  • Doesn't require a separate amp, with all it's associated wires and complicated remote
  • Versatile, play TV or music

What I want in my soundbar in order of importance

  • Good sound quality for both music and tv
  • bluetooth enabled
  • don't break that bank ($120-300 range)
  • Looks good, it's going to be in the living room
  • hdmi port ( I can't exactly see why I need this, but it just seems like a good idea)

So, what are the options

  • Sharp HT-SB60 (Too wide, no bluetooth, no hdmi)
  • Vizio S4221w-C4 (Strong Contender..., although the reviews on the music are making my thing twice, no hdmi),
    • after looking into this option further I find that I actually can't get this model in Canada, at least not easily.
  • Sony HT-CT260H (highly recommended by Cnet and others, I don't love the look of the panel, but that was my-4th- priority and fits the bill on the other options)

So tomorrow, I'm planning to go and pick the Sony up and I'll report back on how it works for me.

This post makes it seem this was a pretty easy decision, I've been weighing the options for ages.