After the ViaTec Awards last night and the interest and awards that the Flock Browser received, I thought I better give this Flock browser a try.

What is it? Well, its a browser that makes your online life a little easier by bring a few things to you. Like what? Well like it will show me when new pictures of my friends are put on facebook, it will let me know when new feeds are available from my news feed reader (not sure if that is a good thing really!!)

it let's me update my facebook "what I'm doing" without actually going to facebook. Anything else... yeah it makes blog posting a lot easier. By putting the tools to do the blog post right into the browser. So... Now that it is supposedly easier to blog I should be more than a once-every-two-weeks poster.

The browsert is built on Firefox so it will still let me use the AdBlock Plus plugin that I can no longer live without.

Is it time to give in to social networking and actually be a part of what's going on. The problem has always been what an incredible time sink it is. So maybe, just maybe this makes it fun AND not too time consuming.

We shall see.

Blogged with the Flock Browser