Anyone who has been keeping up with me here, might be wondering. Well... Did he make it home? What about all those pictures from Norway, where can I see those? And most of all, was there any good adventures on the flight back??

All these questions and more will be answered in this entry.

1) Yes, I made it home 2) the pictures you can see at Jeff's Oslo Gallery 3) The flight back was a long day, it was Monday July 3rd for 33 hours! Sheesh! Getting through London was a breeze this time and I even managed to jump of the tube, and run up to Buckingham Palace to grab a couple quick shots of the building before grabbing the train to Gatwick Airport. My advice if you go to London is - take the train.

And after working my way through security and check in and all that, who should I see taking my airplane but my old neighbor Heather McLeod and her friend Brett. Unbelievable! So, we had a great reunion and chatted about the upcoming wedding (Matt and Yarrow in 10 days, woohoo). The flight itself was LLLLOOOOONNNNNNGG, 4 movie flight. Brutal, why don't they show three hour movies on those kind of flights, rather then 1.5 hour movies where you finish and hope 2 hours has gone by only to be gypped a half an hour.

And as a surprise Joanna met me at the airport! That was really nice, having a travelling companion is great! Yea! We travelled back to Victoria together and at 11pm I was home. Just 27 hours after being in my hotel room in Oslo.

This ends my Oslo saga, I hope to keep updating this page with my goings on and thoughts. It's good to be home.