Glider ready to launch

One of the fun/interesting things that I have had the chance to do over the past couple years is to be involved with the Canadian Centre for Ocean Gliders.  It's a group that uses unmanned autonomous vehilces to take scientific measurements of water data and then use that data to see what can be learned about the ever changing nature of the ocean.

Dean, Matt and I had all have had a turn at one time or another deploying and watchingthe glider travel around Saanich Inlet and.  Now that both Dean and Matt have moved away from the Victoria area, I'm the local expert.  So, I've agreed to spread myself a little thinner and help deploy this very cool vehicle for another mission.   We'rehoping to launch the glider int he first couple weeks of September.  If you're interested I'll be setting the tracking page on the Gliders site to follow the gliders progress.