Wow! I had a great dinner last night!!

The fish here is great! Lorenzo and I went out to this restaurant up by Vigelendsparken, (took the tram! Yea, Norwegian public transit!), we arrived at this hole in the wall restaurant, that wasn't too busy, and had a very friendly cook, who came out and gave us the full information about what they had for dinner that night. It was great to go out on Friday night, after all the training was done, nothing to think about for tomorrow, just enjoy the evening!

The cook had those checkered pants that you sometimes see cooks wearing, I am not sure if that means anything officially, but given my experience at this restaurant, if you see checkered pants, then just ask them, what they would order and get that! No fooling around!

I can't really describe the dinner, except to say it was a Grenadier family of fish, and was caught at 1300 meters deep off those Norwegian islands that are WAY up North. A picture really wouldn't do the meal justice, but the taste was great! Norwegians, (or at least this fellow) can really cook fish!

Lorenzo and I caught the tram, back into to town and walked through the main section of town, taking in the atmosphere. It is really a busy downtown, lots of people out and about. Street performers all over the place. We watched a fellow do a hip-hop through the ages, dnace routine, that was fun. Then had the customary taste of Aquavit, and said parted company! It has been great to be here with someone who is also away from their home, its nice to compare notes on the people and the culture with someone who also has an outsiders view.

Did I mention the Viking museum, what about the Fram museum and the Kon Tiki Museum? Wow! They were awesome!