The end of the year strikes, so quickly with a bunch of end of the year tasks. One of those tasks that we tackled today was making a political donation. I really have to recommend this because the tax credits for making a $100 donation are so significant. In a nut shell the government gives you a 75% tax credit for the first $100 that any tax paying Canadian donates to a political party. So in effect it only costs $25 bucks.

Pretty good incentive to give your party of choice a boost and be involved in this crazy democracy thing.

It would be really interesting if the government increased the tax credit to 100% on the first $100 and do away with per vote funding and electoral expense government funding of political parties.Wikipedia has an amzing article on how government funding of political parties is currently done. Reading that article it is shocking how few people donate to political parties, especailly given the relatively low cost of a contribution that is $100 or less.