Drink left and drink right drink low and drink high Oh, the drinks you can drink up If only you try! -with apologies to Dr.Seuss

Half the challenge on an all inclusive vacation is figuring out what beverages to ask for. Thankfully, there was a sample tray put out some nights which gave me some ideas. Here we go! Being inexperienced in regard to many of the choices I made an effort to expand my knowledge.

  • Gin and Soda - Always a nice light choice, unless of course it is half and half.
  • Rum punch - Punch in this case reminded me a little of the hawaiian punch drink, pretty sweet.
  • Singapore Sling - Another nice light choice
  • Kryptonite - A hint of mint liquor, interesting but I wouldn't drink more than one.
  • Mudslide - Delicious, chocolate milkshare slurpee
  • Dirty Monkey - This was a fun mashed up banana drink, feels healthy on account of the fruit.
  • Pina Colada - Delicious classic.
  • Blue Hawaiian - Too sweet for me, although one of our friends raved about them.
  • Miami Vice - Also too sweet for me.
  • Magarita (Lime and Strawberry) - More classics, love the salt rim
  • Tequila Sunrise - This one depends on how good the orange juice is.
  • Rainbow Shot - Nicely colored not to strong tasting.
  • Tequila Shot - Here's hoping this is good tequila.
  • Mojito - I love mojitos. and of course the Cerveza