| Purchase a copy of Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug This was a great book for a little web development thinking tune up. What makes a good website, what make a great website. Outside of all the flashy stuff that you can do on the web to make your site sooper awesome, this book had some good suggestions for how to reduce the clutter and get to the point. Common sense is often crowded out by what is possible on the web, and only by holding steady to common sense and your purpose is the site going to be a really good ambassador for your organization.

My main take aways from this book. - Layout, Try and make your layout make sense so that the most broad thing effectively contains everything beneath it and every subsequent thing falls into a visual hierarchy that doesn't require significant brain power to follow - Tag Line, Have one and make it good, obvious, short, sweet. - Tabs are nice way to let people know where they are and what to do next. - Breadcrumbs should use the ">" symbol to show you where you are. - Try and make it obvious what to do next

I'm prone to saying the content is the number one thing on the web, and I probably won't stop saying that soon, but, this book has helped me to see that you can REALLY help yourself and your visitors by having a website that makes good sense.