I had a good run of reading around my recent vacation in Mexico!! Here's the books that I managed to polish off. A few, that I would like to share with you.

The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

I was reading the BBC list of top 100 books and noticed that Terry Pratchett had a book on the list "Mort." Of course, when I went to the library they didn't have it. Luckily, the Sir Pratchett has written a fair few books so I picked up the only one in my library, the Light Fantastic. The book is amusing. A few ridiculous characters and a fun, if somewhat equally ridiculous plot. I thoroughly enjoyed the animated and ever resourceful luggage character as well as the reality bending nature of the plot. A fun read.


Overclocked by Cory Doctorow

This was an interesting book of short stories. Stories of the future present was the tag line.  And I really enjoyed the various stories, a few were just waiting to happen which and a few which were clearly based sometime far into the future. It was fun to read a few musings of stories that are basically one step (or maybe less) away from happening.    Some of the stories, really grabbed me.  If you're a sci-fi fan, and you like short stories give this a read.


Mort by Terry Prachet

Okay, okay two books by Mr. Pratchett I picked up the first Pratchett book left me wanting to read the really famous one. So when I got home from Playa, I did. And... it WAS pretty good. I think it is a favorite cause it has Death as a main character and the understudy Mort gets to play death for a bit which is equally fun. The concept is interesting to explore, I particularly enjoyed seeing the idea that people can only see what their minds are willing to believe play itself out to the Nth degree. I won't give away any more snippets of the plot but like The Light Fantastic if you have a penchant for nonsense and turning a silly phrase it's a good read. The most fun part of these books is the thoughtful bending of time, space and reality. There were a few snicker out load moments for me. And even I managed to enjoy the hero walking into a few awkward moments. Which regularly makes me squirm.