Joanna had picked up this book a couple years ago and given it a read, and on our recent vacation I decided that this would be my fiction book for the trip. It was an intriguing book. The book tells the story of an autistic boy trying to solve the case of a dead dog he found in his yard. Through the mystery you begin to get a better look into who he is, and who the rest of his family is. In the end, the dog ends up becoming kind of a detail and the interactions between the people in the boys life become the interesting part of the book. And interesting it is. The relationships as seen through the lens of the autistic boy take on a simple and straight forward flavour that is refreshing.

I didn't notice until nearly the end of the book but a LOT/ALL of sentences start with the words "And then" which does really give the book a style which I in the end suppose is autistic.

I do want think that I understand autism a bit better than I did when I started reading the book. Without really knowing too many people with autism and none of them that well, it is hard to say whether the insights are accurate. But it feels like I may have a slightly better understanding of autism.

I would recommend this book to others. It held my interest and in hindsight seems like it was both entertaining and enlightening.