Vacation time is a good time for reading a couple books and even with Violet vying for attention during most waking moments I had a chance to read through yet another Star Wars Book, this time Darth Plagueis. It was an interesting read, largely because it filled in a bunch of details about how the Emperor (Palpatine) in Episodes 4-6 came into power. So even though it is ostensibly about Darth Plagueis, it seems like a lot of the focus is really on Palpatine.

It didn't capture my attention the way the Darth Bane series did, but I still powered through it in 4 days. For me there was a lot of political aspects to the book which are frankly, something that I always find a little hard to follow. The machinations where we do this, which makes them think that, which causes some one else again to take an action, that completes a process which we've been hoping to have happen for years. That kind of stuff has always been somewhat beyond me, and as it turns out that is exactly what Palpatine is really all about. Not exactly a lot of crazy light saber battles, a lot more back room negotiations.

Anyways, I still enjoyed it, and it filled in a big gap in my Star Wars knowledge, as I finally actually learned where the bad guy in the old movies really came from.