Well, the last couple days have been a) busy b) touristy

One of the Shipnet fellows took myself and Lorenzo out to see the sites! It was great! We walked Arke Brygge, which is a ocean front area for eating, sitting out in the sun and watching all the boats go by. And there really are a lot of boats going by. When it doesn't really get dark until 11pm, if you leave the wharf at 6pm you still have plenty of time for a good long trip!

Then it was up to Vigelendsparken (sp?) which is a great big park full of statues. The story goes this one fellow made all these statues and they really had no where to put them, so they created this park on the outskirts of town. It's pretty amazing you, kind of have to see it.

Then up to Holmenkollen, the ski jump! This is one big ski jump! Its also on top of a hill to begin with, so the view from the top is tremendous! The jump is massive and the guys the jump off of it must have to been partly crazy, You wouldn't catch me making that jump. Interestingly, one of the previous kings of Norway was quite the outdoorsman, and he used to use the jump from time to time! Way to go King!