StumbleUpon I didn't really now what to expect when I started using StumbleUpon.  "Another social bookmarking site" I thought, will this be any more useful/interesting than  or digg? 

Why do I find myself actually using StumbleUpon while my and accounts die a slow death? 

  1. It's like channel surfing the internet.  One thing about the internet, you'll only find something if you're looking for it.  StumbleUpon fills that need to kill time in a mostly passive way.  What do you want to look at or read about?  Who cares!  Just hit the stumble button and see what you get!
  2. It's not a competition - Digg I'm sorry, but I feel like I'm competing when I digg something, will my digg bring something to the front page will it not.  I don't think I want to care.  I'm just going to give it the thumbs up to let the rest of the stumbling world know this doesn't suck.  It might not be new news, it might not even be an article.
  3. The toolbar.  Ok, I installed the toolbar, generally I hate toolbars in my browser.  They clutter everything up, rob you of screen space, but there's two thing I like about this toolbar.  It doesn't take me to the StumbleUpon website, which I don't really want to go to anyways. And it has a simple thumbs up button, no competitions just a trail of thumbs ups to guide the next soul in search of something interesting.

So for those of you who like me, occasionally just want to be entertained.  Try StumbleUpon see if you like it, I seem to.

For those looking to find the strengths of each of these services I would say: Digg is more like News is more like Bookmarks StumbleUpon is more like A tour guide for the internet.

It seems that in my world where I no longer have a TV and my social networking energy is limited, having a guide, is kind of nice.  

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